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When sex hurts after having a baby (and it didn’t before)

A new study published in the BJOG indicates that by 6 weeks after a delivery 41% of women have resumed sex, 78% by 12 weeks, and 94% by 6 months. Most health care providers recommend waiting 4-6 weeks after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery before resuming sex, the issue being an open cervix could increase the … Continue reading

Stop talking about the non contraceptive benefits of birth control and start talking about sex

I have a copper IUD. It serves one purpose, to prevent pregnancy. My boyfriend had a vasectomy, a procedure that has no health benefits beyond preventing pregnancy. I am proud of these decisions because A) we both don’t want me to get pregnant and B) we both like sex. These should be reasons enough to … Continue reading

20% of kids in grade 9 have had oral sex or why your pre-teen should be vaccinated against HPV

Initiating the vaccine series for the human papilloma virus (HPV) by age 11 or 12 is recommended, although many parents balk at a vaccine to prevent a sexually transmitted virus at this tenderly perceived age because, “12 year olds shouldn’t be having sex” or better yet, “My 12-year-old won’t be having sex.” (Just to recap, HPV … Continue reading

Male GYNO claims to find G-spot in a dead woman. Female GYNO found it years ago in a living one.

An article was just published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in which a male “cosmetic” gynecologist claims to have found the G spot by dissecting the cadaver of an 83-year-old woman and the news media have flocked to the story. The amazing Dr. Petra Boynton does a wonderful job of looking at the bias and back … Continue reading

Feb 22: National No Non-Procreative Sex Day

The GOP has a problem: uncontrolled vagina and uterus syndrome. It has a four year cycle that parallels the elections. It is most quiescent in the winter after a Presidential election, with a moderate spike in the lead up to midterm elections. There is a respite the following winter and then a full blown attack … Continue reading

What I learned from my readers in 2011, why bad sex is like turkey bacon, and sharing is caring

In 2011 over 140,000 people viewed my bog. Pretty cool. A lot of people found me via reddit, stumbleupon, twitter, and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who posted and reposted. I am thrilled to think that anything I wrote was interesting/entertaining/informative enough to pass along. People also came via searches. The most popular search terms … Continue reading

Why Obama is wrong about Plan B and why it matters

The President threw his support behind Kathleen Sebelius and her decision not to allow Plan B (emergency contraception, also known as the morning after pill) to be sold over-the-counter to adolescents 16 and younger. (Currently anyone 17 or older can buy Plan B). He stated the following: “The reason Kathleen made this decision is that … Continue reading

How many sex partners did you have this year? And does it matter?

It’s time for one of the those end-of-the-year-reflection kind of posts. You know, did you make your New Year’s resolution, what did you learn most from this year, blah, blah, blah. Well, this being a blog about a lot of sex-related things (oh, who am I kidding, it’s mostly a blog about sex) I thought … Continue reading

How many sex partners do people really have?

What do you think is high number of sexual partners? Two? Eight? Not being able to count on your fingers and toes? We talk a lot about the number of sex partners in the world of STDs, because sexually transmitted infections are a numbers game. The more partners you have, the more potential exposures. And … Continue reading

Cosmo’s sex position of the day proves they’re lazy, uninspired misogynists (water is also wet)

Taking the old Cosmo Sex Position of the Day app out for a whirl I was greeted with the Standing Tiger/Crouching Dragon. Sigh, where to begin. First of all, with a sex app for women the man’s position shouldn’t, you know, be listed first. And of course the men are the tigers and women the dragons, … Continue reading

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