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Vulvodynia is not associated with oral contraceptives: new study

Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition of the vulva that affects between 3 and 15% of women. What makes vulvodynia particularly challenging is the cause is unknown and even the mechanism of the pain itself has not been well elucidated. For that reason, like many inadequately studied conditions, there are a myriad of therapies and … Continue reading

Going back to work with neck pain, a doctor takes her own advice

I hurt my neck a while back. I was in the operating room and, in retrospect, I wonder if my neck was contorted in an odd way for a long time as it was a lengthy case. In addition, it was during what I call my emotional low point of the year, the 4 days between … Continue reading

The FDA’s new restrictions on hydrocodone are unlikely to solve any problem.

America consumes 80% of the world opioid supply (99% of the world hydrocodone supply), but has about 5% of the world’s population. If you don’t think America has some kind of opioid problem, then move along because this rational, evidence-based, experience-laden way in which I’m going to discuss opioid use and misuse will not interest you. … Continue reading

Dr. Oz proves he is the Wizard of Woo in less than 60 seconds

I just had cable installed this week. The nice guy from Comcast flipped on the TV to prove it was working and the show that magically popped up was Dr. Oz. I know. Like a red cape for a bull. It was as if the angels (or demons, depending on your perspective) had arranged this … Continue reading

I just attended the worst CME lecture of my life…and what I did about it!

Yesterday concluded Pain Week, the largest pain conference in the United States (or so they said at the opening ceremonies). There were a lot of really interesting lectures, some very pertinent to my pelvic pain practice and others less so, but still interesting. For example, I don’t treat head and neck pain, but many pain … Continue reading

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