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My wedding dress was living rent free in my head, so I turned it into a Cinderella gown for Halloween

My wedding dress was living rent free in my head and my house for 13 years. It is a gorgeous designer confection with yards of the softest silk. I’m embarrassed to say what I paid for it, but it supports my theory that when deep down you think your relationship isn’t quite right and you … Continue reading

The neurochemistry of love: put your passion to the test

According to functional MRI scanners, love isn’t an emotion it is activation of the reward center (it’s all about the forebrain, baby). And new love (the first 7 months to be precise) produces a similar chemical response to opioids. I suppose it’s not a surprise, after all poets and song writers have described the euphoria … Continue reading

One of the biggest relationship red flags: the “If only you…”

Recently I have had cause to reflect on my relationship mistakes. What bothers me the most about my marriage was my wanton disregard for a key relationship red flag: the “If only you…” You know what I mean. Those 3 words slipped casually into a conversation (because that hurts so much less) that represent the … Continue reading

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