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My GYNO says I can’t have an IUD. Is she right?

I hear this fairly often – women telling me they asked their GYN for an IUD (yeah!) and were told that they couldn’t because they had never had children. Their GYNs are wrong and unfortunately it’s not just a few who think this way. A study from last year tells us that 32% of OB/GYNs … Continue reading

Does the Mirena IUD increase the risk of breast cancer? New data

A new study has been published suggesting a link between breast cancer and the Mirena IUS (intrauterine system). The Mirena IUS is used commonly in many European countries and is increasing in use in the United States (with good reason, it is highly effective and has a very high satisfaction), so I think a review … Continue reading

An OB/GYN’s opinion on the Supreme Court, Hobby Lobby, and contraception

The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, sided with Hobby Lobby (and much of the religious right in the United States) and ruled that a closely held private corporation does not have to provide insurance coverage for certain birth control methods. Justice Alito, speaking for the majority wrote: “The owners of the businesses have religious objections … Continue reading

How does the Skyla IUD compare to the Mirena?

There is a new IUD on the market called Skyla. It is made by Bayer, the same manufacturers who brought us the Mirena. Like the Mirena it contains the hormone levonorgestrel, although there are a few differences. The main difference the company is touting is the smaller size. Clearly, they manufacturers are targeting nulliparous women … Continue reading

IUD mythbusting: no increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease

This week is LARC Awareness Week, which is devoted to raising the awareness about the safety and efficacy of long acting reversible contraception. LARC includes IUDs and the etonogestrel implant marketed under the name Implanon in the United States. Why promote LARC? Well… LARC is underused in the United States versus other countries The United … Continue reading

IUDs and the implant should be 1st line contraceptives – new study

The Contraceptive CHOICE study, which provides women with free and accessible contraception of choice, has now provided us with great longer term data on contraception continuation. A new study using this data (O’Neil-Callahan Obstet Gynecol November 2013) tells us what women are likely to be using for birth control two years later. This information is … Continue reading

Is an IUD painful? If so, how can I reduce the pain?

I hear from many women that they want an IUD (intrauterine device), but are worried about the pain of insertion. They report horror stories from friends and the thought of the potential pain can even become a barrier to getting an IUD, which is a shame as IUDs are the highest rated for satisfaction when … Continue reading

When can you get an IUD after an abortion and why it matters

Medical professionals used to believe that it was necessary to wait at least 2 weeks after a surgical abortion to insert an IUD. The concern was the contracting uterus might expel the IUD. But, like many things in medicine, proof that this concern was valid was never born out in the medical literature. I chalk … Continue reading

The penis and the pea: will he feel my IUD during sex?

This is a common question prior to an IUD insertion. I can see where someone who has never seen an IUD up close and personal would wonder about this. The answer is it all depends. It depends on what kind of IUD you have and if your OB/GYN is an idiot. Okay,so let’s start with the … Continue reading

4 common IUD myths dispelled

The intrauterine device (IUD) is the most effective, reversible form of contraception – the failure rate is 1%. For the record, the pill has a failure rate of 3-15% depending on how good a pill taker you turn out to be! Unfortunately, IUDs are underused in the United States; less than 3% of American women use … Continue reading

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