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Science says cancel the Biggest Loser

A new study was released on weight loss and maintenance that has been covered on many sites. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) evaluated contestants from Season 8 of the TV show the Biggest Loser. They found that 13 of the 14 contestants studied regained some or all of their weight that was lost … Continue reading

Thoughts on winning my own personal hunger games

Last week I had what can only be described as the cold virus from hell. Headache, fever, body aches, and congestion so bad that my eyes were leaking. I also lost 6 lbs. Now you might think that all of those are pretty typical symptoms for a Hades bred adenovirus; however, I have never, ever … Continue reading

The low oxalate diet and vulvodynia: how a case report becomes snake oil

Restrictive diets, the most common being the low oxalate diet, are widely reported in the lay press and on-line for vulvodynia (a chronic pain condition of the vulva). In one study, 41% of women with chronic vulvar pain reported trying a low-oxalate diet. The only problem? The low oxalate diet doesn’t work. How this diet … Continue reading

Paula Deen’s missing ingredient: honesty

Paula Deen has diabetes. In other news, water is also wet. Okay, it’s not really news. It was really more of a when than an if. However, if two years ago she had come out in her brash style and said, “Y’all, I have diabetes. Just like a lot of you. And you know, I … Continue reading

Are we caramel macchiatoing our way into obesity?

The latest obesity stats are out – a staggering 31% of adult Americans are overweight and 25% are pre-diabetic (meaning unless they lose some weight, are almost certain to develop type 2 diabetes within the next 10 years). This is a calories in and calories out thing folks. We eat a lot of food in … Continue reading

The hCG diet: snake oil or a secret for successful slimming?

What’s old is new again. In the 1950’s Dr. Albert Simeons published the hCG diet: 500 calories a day combined with injections of human chorionic gonadotrophin or hCG (the hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy). The hCG shots supposedly curbed hunger as well as helped shed fat in those oh so hard spots (stomach, … Continue reading

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