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Hey Rubio an OB/GYN says there’s no such thing as a “due date” abortion

As per usual when GOP candidates get together they beat their chests and howl about who is more anti-abortion. The loudest at the most recent debate was Marco Rubio. Why do people pester him about abortion and the fact that he thinks raped women should be forced to carry their pregnancies to term, when the … Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina & other thoughts on 2015

2015 started out with a bang for me blogging wise. Gwyneth Paltrow, whose health advice makes me think she is equal parts worried well, attention seeker, and bored silly of being rich suggested women get a steam douche with mugwort and other potential allergens and I said, “Don’t do that.” Apparently newspapers, blogs, and magazines … Continue reading

Should the National Library of Medicine index anti-choice journals?

While researching something on PubMed I stumbled across a journal entitled Issues in Law and Medicine. It appears that the vast majority of articles are either anti-choice (e.g. abortion causes breast cancer or childbirth is way safer than abortion) with a smattering of anti-vaccine articles. I especially like the use of quotations around “Emergency Contraception.” … Continue reading

Forced arrangements for fetal remains: anything but dignified

Ohio is attempting to introduce legislation that would require abortion clinics to incinerate or bury products of conception from abortion. This legislation is already in place in Arkansas and Indiana. These laws are supposed to afford human tissue a “respectful and proper” end as lawmakers were apparently horrified that products of conception were disposed of … Continue reading

Surviving a coat hanger abortion doesn’t get you sympathy it gets you arrested

The last few days I have had a lot of hits on an older post, Anatomy of a Coat Hanger Abortion.  From time to time older posts resurface in searches due to a relevant news story. So yes, you know where this is sadly going. A woman in Tennessee tried to terminate her pregnancy with … Continue reading

The media also bears a lot of responsibility for the Planned Parenthood shooting

When we speak of organ or tissue donation in children and adults we say just that, kidneys or liver or skin grafts. Even face transplants. We do not call them body parts we use their anatomic terms. When fetal tissue is donated for medical research (much in same way a kidney or a liver is … Continue reading

Ben Carson unveils plan to stop abortions: daycare for children of “uneducated” women

Dr. Ben Carson was on The View today and said this: “A lot of those young girls who are having babies out-of-wedlock — when they have that first baby, they stop their education and that child is four times as likely to grow up in poverty.” He then babbled on about daycare and GEDs and clearly … Continue reading

Proof the FIorina was “right” video is a premature delivery – a male support person bedside

I’ve been thinking about that terrible Fiorina was “Right” video purported by the Center for Bio Ethics to be from an abortion clinic. Terrible not because it is an abortion or representative of an abortion or that abortion is anything but reproductive health care, but because I am sure it is not an abortion. I … Continue reading

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform promotes illegally taped video of perineum and premature delivery

The Center for Bio-Ethical reform released the full video of Fiorina’s “fully formed fetus.” It’s a premature delivery. Slate has a good summary of the issues involved and has a wonderful conclusion about what the full video adds, “the revelation that the fetus came out of a woman’s body.” Greg Cunningham, the curator of the … Continue reading

Carly Fiorina is delusional about Planned Parenthood. I challenge her to prove me wrong.

On Saturday in Iowa a Planned Parenthood supporter, Cindy Shireman, was able to question Fiorina about her comments about the organization. Fiorina of course was having none of Shireman’s “supporting women’s health” nonsense and instead told her that she should go home and watch the now infamous videos, look at some facts, and to ask … Continue reading

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