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Ben Carson says God guides surgical outcomes. God must prefer abortion to c-sections

Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines, Iowa. He made an interesting comment about surgery and outcomes. According to Carson whether a surgery is successful or not, whether a patient lives or dies has less to do with surgical training, the underlying illness, the part of the body requiring surgery, … Continue reading

Is Essure safe or are we not so sure?

Essure is a device used for permanent sterilization. It is a nickel-titanium alloy coil placed through the uterus into the Fallopian tube and causes scaring that the blocks the tubes. The upside is that it is a relatively short office procedure when performed by a skilled practitioner that does not require surgery to enter the … Continue reading

According to Ben Carson aborted fetal tissue in a bank isn’t aborted fetal tissue

On Wednesday evening I broke the story that Dr. Ben Carson, GOP hopeful, who has claimed fetal tissue research had “under delivered” had himself participated in fetal tissue research. His responses have been nonsensical at best and hypocritical at worst: On Facebook he wrote: Today I was accused by the press as having done research … Continue reading

U of T still thinks Andrew Wakefield is awesome and the laws of physics are more like suggestions

The University of Toronto is under fire (and deservedly so) for A) Having a homeopath as an instructor whose curriculum was a combination  of nonsensical statements and propaganda. When your “science” background is non existent that is, of course, what happens.  I’d link to the curriculum but it has been deleted. It is curious that … Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow’s sex bark could have a nasty bite

Ms. Paltrow’s recipe for sex bark caught my eye while I was on GOOP reading about what not to do with vaginas. I’m pretty adept in the kitchen, especially with desserts, and so I thought, “Why not?” I mean Valentine’s day is coming up and this cocoa cacao bark promises “a sweet bite after a romantic dinner.” … Continue reading

My grandfather was a sniper

I wasn’t sure what to make of the book American Sniper or the controversy that seems to surround it. Some are calling Chris Kyle a patriot and the movie about him a “war on terror masterpiece.” Others see his actions as murder and his views intolerant or racist.  I am very anti-gun and opposed the … Continue reading

FDA approves vagal nerve stimulator for weight loss but does it work?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved a new surgical therapy for weight loss called VBLOC®, essentially a pacemaker for the vagal nerve. The vagal nerve has an intricate role in many bodily functions.  Among its duties is involvement in satiety (feeling full). Cutting the vagal nerve has been used for refractory epilepsy and … Continue reading

Claims of poisoning in India sterilization deaths seem unlikely

Thirteen women have now died as a result of surgery performed at a sterilization camp in India. As a surgeon who has performed many tubal ligations I can tell you the descriptions I read of how the procedures were performed seemed more like a medieval torture than surgery. I felt ill. Dirty (not even clean, … Continue reading

The New York/New Jersey Ebola quarantine will only stoke fear and paranoia

The Governors of New York and New Jersey have issued a quarantine for people traveling from countries with Ebola who have had contact with someone who was infected or may have been infected. This seems a little like using a bucket to combat the rising sea levels of global warming. Here are the problems with … Continue reading

Thank you for getting your flu shot

This weekend the kids and I had our influenza immunizations. There is always a difficult lead up as Oliver has severe anxiety around every medical procedure. An EKG (painless heart rhythm test) and a throat swab cause extreme fear and often tears and anything with a needle, well, let’s just say that’s on a whole … Continue reading

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