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Hey Vox you can’t be a feminist and be “pro-life”

For the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade chose to publish a piece entitled, “Why I’m a pro-life feminist.” Given the ever increasing erosion of abortion rights and the fact that 2015 brought a banner year of criminalizing pregnant women one would have thought that focusing on facts instead of propaganda would be the … Continue reading

Denying women abortion increases their risk of serious illness and death – new study

The Turnaway study looks at women who are “turned away” from having abortions because of missing gestational age limits versus those who are able to obtain the care they desire. This is a very important study for two reasons. One, we need to understand the true impact of limiting access to abortion. Two, many papers … Continue reading

Intravaginal DHEA isn’t an “alternative” to estrogen it’s the prodrug

Intravaginal DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is being studied to treat atrophy the painful changes in the vaginal tissues that affect many women after menopause. It is being touted by the manufacturer and some doctors (especially those studying it and consulting for the company) as an alternative to estrogen. But is it? First of all, atrophy is an important … Continue reading

A vaginal speaker to play music for your fetus is unnecessary

This is a sentence I thought I would never have to write, you know? But hey vagina + tech = cool and “newsworthy,” so here we are. The Institut Marquès has created (and of course is marketing) a pink “sound system” to insert in the vagina under the guise of fetal brain development. I’ve been sent … Continue reading

Should the National Library of Medicine index anti-choice journals?

While researching something on PubMed I stumbled across a journal entitled Issues in Law and Medicine. It appears that the vast majority of articles are either anti-choice (e.g. abortion causes breast cancer or childbirth is way safer than abortion) with a smattering of anti-vaccine articles. I especially like the use of quotations around “Emergency Contraception.” … Continue reading

Safeway and Campbell’s food safety fail

Recently my son had “chains” put on his braces and apparently that leaves your mouth as sore as you think it might. I promised to make homemade pretzels for dinner – soft tender, warm carbs drenched in butter are a temporary fix for many things. But pretzels take a couple of hours to make and … Continue reading

Surviving a coat hanger abortion doesn’t get you sympathy it gets you arrested

The last few days I have had a lot of hits on an older post, Anatomy of a Coat Hanger Abortion.  From time to time older posts resurface in searches due to a relevant news story. So yes, you know where this is sadly going. A woman in Tennessee tried to terminate her pregnancy with … Continue reading

Ben Carson says God guides surgical outcomes. God must prefer abortion to c-sections

Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines, Iowa. He made an interesting comment about surgery and outcomes. According to Carson whether a surgery is successful or not, whether a patient lives or dies has less to do with surgical training, the underlying illness, the part of the body requiring surgery, … Continue reading

Is Essure safe or are we not so sure?

Essure is a device used for permanent sterilization. It is a nickel-titanium alloy coil placed through the uterus into the Fallopian tube and causes scaring that the blocks the tubes. The upside is that it is a relatively short office procedure when performed by a skilled practitioner that does not require surgery to enter the … Continue reading

According to Ben Carson aborted fetal tissue in a bank isn’t aborted fetal tissue

On Wednesday evening I broke the story that Dr. Ben Carson, GOP hopeful, who has claimed fetal tissue research had “under delivered” had himself participated in fetal tissue research. His responses have been nonsensical at best and hypocritical at worst: On Facebook he wrote: Today I was accused by the press as having done research … Continue reading

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