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The RNC should be ashamed for invoking My Little Pony in Melania’s defense

I try to write about what I know. As I gynecologist I write a lot about women’s health issues. As a mom I sometimes write about parenting and prematurity. What might surprise you is that I also know a lot about My Little Pony. More than the average person and quite possibly more than most. … Continue reading

Is the GOP afraid of porn because it can lead to religious struggles?

  The GOP released one of their platforms ahead of the Republican Convention: porn, or specifically say no to porn. The statement explaining this new direction from North Carolina’s Mary Francis Forrester is a hot mess: Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life … Continue reading

We should treat AR-15 semi-automatic rifles like drop down cribs

There is a strangulation hazard for infants in drop down cribs. In 10 years there were at least 32 infants deaths directly attributable to this style of crib, so the standards were changed in 2011. Since 2011 no new cribs have been made with a drop down feature. When all crib deaths were reviewed there … Continue reading

When a rapist gets 6 months it means rape isn’t a serious injury

In California battery is defined as “the willful touching of another in a harmful or offensive manner and the person touched suffers serious bodily injury as a result.” (California Penal Code 243d). If the battery occurred during a misdemeanor the sentencing is typically up to 1 year, if it was during a felony then the … Continue reading

Rape isn’t about alcohol it’s about criminal intent

I was 19 years old and it was at the first big party of medical school…    

Don’t remove your own IUD. Here’s why.

Removing one’s own IUD is apparently “a thing.” There are even YouTube videos of women sharing their experiences. If you can get a medical degree from Google then why not get your OB/GYN residency from YouTube? All kidding aside, I’m a GYNO and I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t. It’s not that people can’t … Continue reading

New study proves fetal tissue needed for research

A new study on a small group of patients with a history of stroke and significant motor deficits has produced astonishing results. Adult stem cells were injected directly into the stroke damaged area of the brain for eighteen patients who were 6 months to 3 years out from their stroke. Patients had clinically meaningful recovery. … Continue reading

The ethics of claiming you were called to assess Prince for addiction

I was shocked to hear that an addiction medicine specialist, Dr. Kornfeld whose clinic is coincidentally in my neck of the woods, has come forward (or rather had his lawyer come forward) claiming his team was assessing Prince for possible addiction therapy. This is from the Minneapolis StarTribune: Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a national authority on … Continue reading

Gywneth Paltrow promotes “Psychologist Astrologer” because magic is the new medicine

  In her ongoing bid to strip science from health care Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP is featuring a “Psychologist Astrologer,” Dr. Jennifer Reed. What on earth does a psychologist astrologer do, you ask? Apparently someone who offers “comprehensive birth chart readings that go well beyond character-defining traits to address the way you interact with the world—and … Continue reading

How did Andrew Wakefield get Tribeca to accept his anti-vax film?

By now most people have heard about the controversy surrounding Tribeca, Robert De Niro and Andrew Wakefield. If you haven’t here’s the short version. Wakefield directed a film, Vaxxed, that was accepted to the Tribeca film festival. The trailer looks like a one way trip down a rabbit hold of conspiracy theories. The fact that such … Continue reading

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