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Are super-plus tampons safe?

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a very serious condition that occurs when bacteria, usually staphylococci (but sometimes streptococci or other bacteria), produces a toxin that enters the blood stream. It can cause fever, low blood pressure, muscle pains, rash, and organ failure. One source of the bacteria is from the vagina during menstruation, the theory being … Continue reading

Sandra Fluke’s information about the pill and ovarian cysts is wrong and why it matters

Sandra Fluke is once again under attack. This time by Representative Joe Walsh. She responded in the Huffington Post to Rep Walsh, writing: I testified before members of Congress not because “I wanted the American people to pay for my contraception,” but because I wanted the private insurance that women pay for themselves to cover … Continue reading

Tubal ligation does not cause early menopause: beware the hormone “experts”

Hormones are peddled by many practitioners as well as by the Goddess of estrogen herself, Suzanne Somers, as the fountain of youth. However, if hormones were actually proven to be that wonderful/amazing/effective/risk-free via evidence based medicine, well, uh, everyone would be dishing them out like candy. While there definitely are specific instances where hormone replacement … Continue reading

5 guaranteed ways to start your period

Your period is late. We’ve all been there. Whether you are worried you are pregnant, bloated as hell, or you figure there is enough oil in your chin to save the Alaska wilderness from drilling, there are all days when we wish the damn thing would just start already. Well, here are 5 guaranteed ways … Continue reading

The GYNO guide to mess-free period sex

Some women and their partners are adverse to the idea of sex during the menstrual period (that sounds awfully formal, but everything else just sounded wrong). The reasons probably differ from person to person: The site of blood. I once dated a guy who freaked out at the very though of one red blood cell anywhere. … Continue reading

What is a menstrual cup and why should I use one?

A menstrual cup is exactly what you think it is: a cup to catch menstrual fluid. The concept has been around since the 1930’s, but has recently become more popular. Some cups are made of rubber, but allergies to latex and other components of rubber are increasingly more common so the best option is a … Continue reading