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Doctor equates vaccines with rape, perfects combo of malignity and scientific ignorance

Dr. Tenpenny promotes herself as a “public figure” who is the “voice of reason on vaccines.” She posted this today on her Facebook page… That’s right equating vaccines, which have eradicated smallpox, almost eradicated polio and saved millions of lives, with rape. I understand the vaccines = rape meme has been around for a while. … Continue reading

10 quack treatments Dr. Oz needs to defend

Dr. Oz promises to come out swinging on Thursday, both against the 10 physicians who wrote a letter to the Dean of Medicine at Columbia and to defend himself against the charges of quakery. Here are 10 of his recommendations I’d like to see him explain/defend with science (i.e. provide medical evidence above personal experience). … Continue reading

Dr. Oz rattles his glass operating theater as he comes out swinging against detractors

Dr. Oz plans to strike back at the doctors who wrote a letter (see below) to the Dean of Health Sciences and Medicine at Columbia calling for his resignation. Oz’s response will apparently be in the form of an episode of his show this Thursday. CNN is reporting that an Oz spokesperson had the following … Continue reading

Dear Columbia University it’s not about academic freedom it’s about ethics and liver cleanses

Dr. Oz is under fire again, this time from a group of 10 physicians who wrote a letter to Columbia medical school reporting their dismay that he remains on faculty. Columbia came back with the expected “academic freedom” response, which is apparently a license to say and do anything. I understand that innovation can come … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s hormones have nothing to do with her qualifications to be President

Time magazine published this article about why Hillary Clinton is the perfect age to run for president. The author, Dr. Holland who is a psychiatrist, chose not to focus on Ms. Clinton’s vast political experience or her education but rather on Ms. Clinton’s menopausal status. Yes, you read that right, when it comes to qualifications for … Continue reading

When there is no one skilled enough to do a D & E

“Dr. Gunter, I think, uh, there’s a fetal skull in the abdomen,” my resident said with that hesitancy that says I want you to tell me I’m wrong. The first time you diagnose something that is very bad you actually hope you are mistaken and want someone more senior to reassure you that you are … Continue reading

The Food Babe’s travel advice? Risk Malaria and Yellow Fever

Many people have now read the post on Gawker, The Food Babe is Full of Shit. Ms. Hari (the self-styled Food Babe) was of course offended both at the profanity and the take down. Honestly, I don’t even consider shit a profanity, and well, A LOT of what she says is so scientifically ridiculous and/or … Continue reading

Fetal heart beat bills and the babyfication of the embryo

The Ohio House just passed a “fetal heart beat” bill, which is the first step on the road to legislation that would ban abortion after embryonic cardiac activity. Embryonic cardiac activity is typically seen by 6 weeks gestation (42 days into the pregnancy or about 2 weeks after a missed period), which is before many … Continue reading

Your OB can get you jailed for a miscarriage and there’s not much you can do about it

Purvi Patel was sentenced today for having a premature delivery that ended in stillbirth. She was given 20 years in jail, 10 years suspended, and 5 years probation for neglect and 6 years for the feticide conviction that will run concurrently. For those unfamiliar with the case Ms. Patel received no prenatal care and was … Continue reading

Dear PBS there are no “sides” to the science of vaccines

With smoking making a comeback, FRONTLINE investigates the latest chapter in the war over tobacco products   The Tobacco War Tuesday, Mar. 24, 2015, at 10 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listing) Twitter: @frontlinepbs #TobaccoWar In 2010, FRONTLINE reported on the warnings of doctors and public health experts that growing skepticism about the … Continue reading

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