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“Do you support abortion on demand?” How Hillary Clinton should answer this question

If in tonight’s debate, or any future debate or really at any point in this campaign, Hillary Clinton is asked about abortion on demand this is how I think she should answer:     Moderator: Mrs. Clinton do you support abortion on demand? Mrs. Clinton: I need to ask for clarification because OB/GYNs who are … Continue reading

Donald Trump unveils plan to make abortion illegal again

Donald Trump released a letter dated September 2016 via the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) detailing his first actions against reproductive rights (see below for the full letter). His first four goals are: Nominating pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. This may not end abortion in 2017, but this is a defacto invitation for … Continue reading

14 ways Dr. Oz proves in Trump interview that on TV Oz just plays a doctor

Trump’s interview on Dr. Oz was everything I expected, an infomercial for Trump where Oz periodically reminded his audience of 4 million that he, Dr. Oz, is in fact a doctor who graduated medical school. It could have been interesting. Oz could have mentioned that he is a Muslim and the child of Turkish immigrants. … Continue reading

If Trump is in astonishingly good health why a new exam and lab tests?

Under pressure to release more health data than just his blood pressure, PSA, and a mystery dose of a mystery statin Donald Trump now states he had a recent new physical exam and gave those results to Dr. Oz to discuss on national television (as one does). Trump hands Dr. Oz two pieces of paper in … Continue reading

Nothing in Hillary Clinton’s health history disqualifies her from the Presidency

When I was a resident one of our radiologists had kidney failure and was on dialysis. He also never missed a day of work, travelled often (he was adept at finding dialysis centers in what seemed like exotic places to me at the time), and was responsible for life and death decisions. If you have … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton almost fainted. I’m a doctor. It’s really o.k.

Hillary Clinton left early from the 9/11 commemoration in New York as she felt “overheated.”  This video of her leaving the event shows Mrs. Clinton leaning against a concrete post and then her legs appear to buckle under her as she is helped into the car.   Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC — Zdenek Gazda … Continue reading

Mirena IUD effective for seven years – new study

The Mirena intrauterine system (IUS), the IUD with the hormone levonorgestrel, is a highly effective method of contraception currently approved for five years. Some data suggests that it probably good for six years, but a new study tells us with a good degree of confidence that the Mirena is safe and effective for seven years. … Continue reading

Trump’s doctor claims he knows Clinton’s doctor and health history. Bragging or privacy violation?

This clip of Dr. Bornstein is making the rounds. In it he speaks about some background leading up to the five minutes he spent writing Trump’s medical letter.  He says: “He called and said the Clinton organization was going to publish a letter on her health and I know her physician and I know some of … Continue reading

Science says Trump more likely to have heart attack in next 10 years than Clinton

Donald Trump continues to make the health of the Presidential candidates an issue. I find this ironic considering the letter Mrs. Clinton produced makes Trump’s look like it was written in crayon. Then again writing a letter like this takes longer than five minutes. What of Trump’s claim that he is healthier? There is actually some information … Continue reading

TOM maxipads claim to convert water to oxygen and hydrogen for vaginal health. As an OB/GYN I say that’s a bad idea!

A new type of menstrual pad hopes to break into the American market. They are called TOM and that stands for either The Oxygen Movement or Time Of the Month depending I suppose on which demographic the company is trying to reach. According to an article in Slate TOM claims the “company’s proprietary formula absorbs … Continue reading

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