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What Rand Paul and Ben Carson don’t know about GYN could fill several textbooks

Sen. Rand Paul and Ben Carson, two GOP hopefuls who are also physicians, have called for defunding of Planned Parenthood. Yesterday I spoke at the #WomenBetrayed Rally in DC about defunding @PPact. Thanks to @Students4LifeHQ — Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) July 29, 2015 This is based not in science, but on heavily edited videos … Continue reading

U of T still thinks Andrew Wakefield is awesome and the laws of physics are more like suggestions

The University of Toronto is under fire (and deservedly so) for A) Having a homeopath as an instructor whose curriculum was a combination  of nonsensical statements and propaganda. When your “science” background is non existent that is, of course, what happens.  I’d link to the curriculum but it has been deleted. It is curious that … Continue reading

NHS Chief warns 1 in 7 hospital procedures unnecessary, forgets so are 7 in 7 homeopathic treatments

The NHS needs to cut its budget. One target is unnecessary surgeries, and don’t get me wrong they exist. The Independent is reporting that Chief of the NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh,  has called one in seven hospital procedures unnecessary, stated that waste is “profligate” and indicates that 5% of hospital admissions are also unnecessary. Knowing what I know … Continue reading

ProPublica aims to change the way you choose your surgeon. It could backfire. Here’s why.

Three and a half years ago my then 79-year-old mother had her left hip replaced because of severe arthritis. She had the right one done about 10 years before and it changed her life in so many positive ways. When the left one began to hurt she put it off for a long time, but … Continue reading

Can quantum mechanics explain homeopathy?

Homeopaths are quick to evoke physics in their defense. I’m guessing they actually believe there is a connection and there is an added bonus of using words like “Newtonian” and “quantum” to add an air of science and respect. Recently a homeopath taught Anthropology students at the University of Toronto that quantum physics could explain … Continue reading

University of Toronto doubles down, restates anti vaccine syllabus not unbalanced

This week I posted concerns regarding the University of Toronto‘s response to complaints from scientists and faculty regarding the course Alternative Health at the Scarborough Campus. To summarize, the course was taught by a homeopath and the associated required reading/videos for the class on vaccines was comprised entirely of anti-vaccine propaganda. The syllabus also advised students the course would … Continue reading

How one person’s death made me so outspoken about vaccines

Immunology and infectious diseases were taught in the fourth quarter of my first year of medial school. Until then, like most people, I had never really given vaccines much thought. I received the smallpox vaccine at birth and bear the scar, as many of us do. I remember getting some kind of vaccine before a trip … Continue reading

Andrew Wakefield is apparently a legimate source of vaccine info at University of Toronto

Earlier this year two groups of academics (scientists and faculty members) at the University of Toronto wrote letters of concern to the President of the University regarding the course Alternative Health: Practice and Theory HLTD04H3-S, Special Topics in Health taught by Beth Landau-Halpern, a homeopath. One group wrote about their concerns that the course presented … Continue reading

Jim Carrey if you are so concerned about toxins I suggest you champion food safety or diarrhea

Dear Mr. Carrey, I read your recent twirade about California’s new law removing personal exemptions for vaccines for school children. I would like to address your misperceptions about toxins as incorrect information leads to false conclusions. Vaccines do not contain toxins. You mention your need to have “toxins” removed in several tweets so I can only … Continue reading

Just because you can eat your placenta doesn’t mean you should

Every few news cycles placenta-eating seems to make the rounds. I’ve already seen it a couple of times  this year, so I figured the Internet is trying to tell me something.  Some women, but mostly those who recommend and/or prepare placenta for them, think that ingesting placenta can cure/help post partum depression and possibly a … Continue reading

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