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Ben Carson says God guides surgical outcomes. God must prefer abortion to c-sections

Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines, Iowa. He made an interesting comment about surgery and outcomes. According to Carson whether a surgery is successful or not, whether a patient lives or dies has less to do with surgical training, the underlying illness, the part of the body requiring surgery, … Continue reading

The reasons this GYNO is unlikely to prescribe Addyi

Addyi (flibanserin), the drug to increase female libido had a timid entry into the market with very few prescriptions considering the “hype.” Bloomberg Business reported 227 prescriptions in the first month. That’s a pittance considering Valeant paid $1 billion for the drug. I am unlikely to help Valeant recoup their investment, because the more I read … Continue reading

European Medicines Agency concludes HPV vaccine doesn’t cause POTS, will that stop bad vaccine journalism?

Last year there was a rash of ill-researched articles in the press claiming a connection between the HPV vaccine and POTS (postural orthostatic hypotension syndrome) and CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome). Toronto Star, The Independent, Daily Mail I’m looking at you. These “articles” read like propaganda for anti-HPV vaccine groups. They all followed such a … Continue reading

The one where I stand accused of being a shill for big lingerie

After more than four years of blogging it has come to pass that a comment is so outrageous that it warrants its own little post. The comment isn’t about abortion or contraception or shirtgate or any of the seemingly “controversial” things that I write about it. No, it is about bras. It is in response … Continue reading

My wedding dress was living rent free in my head, so I turned it into a Cinderella gown for Halloween

My wedding dress was living rent free in my head and my house for 13 years. It is a gorgeous designer confection with yards of the softest silk. I’m embarrassed to say what I paid for it, but it supports my theory that when deep down you think your relationship isn’t quite right and you … Continue reading

Barbie’s vulva not medically optimal way to address yoga-pants-camel-toe conundrum

The New York Post is reporting that women in New York are getting labiaplasties to look and feel better in tight athletic wear. They quote a patient, Veronica R., as wanting to “look like Barbie.” According to the Post on the Upper East Side in New York there are apparently “a large number” of women … Continue reading

Toxic shock syndrome is also related to menstrual cups

Many women have heard about tampons and the association with toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Some women choose menstrual cups because they think they may be a safer alternative. However, a new case report details for the first time menstrual-associated TSS related to using a menstrual cup. Let’s look at what that may or may not mean. … Continue reading

No, your tampon still isn’t a GMO-impregnated toxin-filled cancer stick

A friend just shared this post going around Facebook: The post reports that Dr. Damian Marino, a researcher from Argentina, claims that 85% of tampons he tested contain “cancer-causing glyphosate” and “62 percent also tested positive for AMPA, the environmental metabolite.” This data was presented at the “3rd National Congress of Peoples” (another website claims … Continue reading

Hey Gwyneth Paltrow, a GYN says stop scaring women about bras and breast cancer

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP is the latest site to stoke false fears about bras and breast cancer (scaremongering being a nice touch for breast cancer awareness month – wraps up the whole October fright fest thing with a pink bow). The post is written by Dr. Habib Sadeghi, a doctor of osteopathic medicine and apparently the person who … Continue reading

Your doctor is not “trained” to prescribe Addyi

Addyi, the drug to boost libido for women, hits the market today. Let’s take the fact that the women in the studies for the medication do not reflect the average patient in the gynecologist’s office reporting low libido and that even for this highly select group of women only 9-14% responded and the definition of … Continue reading

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