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Gwyneth Paltrow is still steaming her vagina for $wellness. She’s still wrong. Here’s why.

In an interview with The Cut non gynecologist, Gwyneth Paltrow extolled the virtues of “vagina” steaming for wellness or something called “swellness.” Sigh. It’s this abuse of the term wellness that bothers just as much as the idea of “vagina” steaming. That wellness is about trying unproven yet expensive mystical therapies that must be healthy … Continue reading

The RNC should be ashamed for invoking My Little Pony in Melania’s defense

I try to write about what I know. As I gynecologist I write a lot about women’s health issues. As a mom I sometimes write about parenting and prematurity. What might surprise you is that I also know a lot about My Little Pony. More than the average person and quite possibly more than most. … Continue reading

I’m 50 today. This is what I know.

I’m 50 today. Here are some very important life lessons I’ve learned along the way. If you find a comfortable bra that fits buy three or four (or as many as you can afford). The joy of a well-fitted and comfortable bra can’t be overstated. If you buy enough when they get all stretchy (i.e. they … Continue reading

Your correctly sized thong is not damaging your butt

Self magazine just posted this piece entitled, “This is what your thong is doing to your butt.” In it the magazine warns about the dangers of chafing if your thong is too small! Yes, they needed to ask a doctor a question that Goldilocks could answer. While the reporter does interview a respected OB/GYN, Dr, Millheiser … Continue reading

Is the GOP afraid of porn because it can lead to religious struggles?

  The GOP released one of their platforms ahead of the Republican Convention: porn, or specifically say no to porn. The statement explaining this new direction from North Carolina’s Mary Francis Forrester is a hot mess: Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life … Continue reading

Does the “O Shot®” give insanely good orgasms or is it a “no shot”

A few like minded scientists and I were discussing unproven stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections on Twitter when Dr. Runnel, the inventor of the “O Shot®”, inserted himself into the conversation to correct me and laud the benefits of his patented PRP procedure that he advertised can “improve sex and cure urinary incontinence.” … Continue reading

How “should” a woman groom her pubic hair? A GYNO explains

A new study published in JAMA Dermatology regarding women’s pubic hair grooming practices has people abuzz. This cosmetic act needs a formal medical name because clamscaping just doesn’t work on grant applications, although why the authors couldn’t go with hair removal I don’t know, after all the study wasn’t about styling it was about removal. … Continue reading

What you learn doing abortions after 20 weeks

Residency doesn’t prepare you for listening to someone you have never met pleading over the phone for help, their breathless desperation as they try to tell their sad story between sobs, intertwined with intimate details. They would say random, heart breaking things like, “What do we do with the crib?” They were similar in many … Continue reading

We should treat AR-15 semi-automatic rifles like drop down cribs

There is a strangulation hazard for infants in drop down cribs. In 10 years there were at least 32 infants deaths directly attributable to this style of crib, so the standards were changed in 2011. Since 2011 no new cribs have been made with a drop down feature. When all crib deaths were reviewed there … Continue reading

When a rapist gets 6 months it means rape isn’t a serious injury

In California battery is defined as “the willful touching of another in a harmful or offensive manner and the person touched suffers serious bodily injury as a result.” (California Penal Code 243d). If the battery occurred during a misdemeanor the sentencing is typically up to 1 year, if it was during a felony then the … Continue reading

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