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Ben Carson unveils plan to stop abortions: daycare for children of “uneducated” women

Dr. Ben Carson was on The View today and said this: “A lot of those young girls who are having babies out-of-wedlock — when they have that first baby, they stop their education and that child is four times as likely to grow up in poverty.” He then babbled on about daycare and GEDs and clearly … Continue reading

Proof the FIorina was “right” video is a premature delivery – a male support person bedside

I’ve been thinking about that terrible Fiorina was “Right” video purported by the Center for Bio Ethics to be from an abortion clinic. Terrible not because it is an abortion or representative of an abortion or that abortion is anything but reproductive health care, but because I am sure it is not an abortion. I … Continue reading

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform promotes illegally taped video of perineum and premature delivery

The Center for Bio-Ethical reform released the full video of Fiorina’s “fully formed fetus.” It’s a premature delivery. Slate has a good summary of the issues involved and has a wonderful conclusion about what the full video adds, “the revelation that the fetus came out of a woman’s body.” Greg Cunningham, the curator of the … Continue reading

Carly Fiorina is delusional about Planned Parenthood. I challenge her to prove me wrong.

On Saturday in Iowa a Planned Parenthood supporter, Cindy Shireman, was able to question Fiorina about her comments about the organization. Fiorina of course was having none of Shireman’s “supporting women’s health” nonsense and instead told her that she should go home and watch the now infamous videos, look at some facts, and to ask … Continue reading

The “No Hymen no Diamond” men unlikely able to locate hymen

There are apparently some men who follow the creed “No Hymen, No Diamond” believing that women who have had sex before marriage, detectable apparently by a disrupted hymen (spoiler alert it’s not!), are dirty and have feminist plans to lay waste to society as we know it. According to the NHND scholars feminism is not about … Continue reading

Is Essure safe or are we not so sure?

Essure is a device used for permanent sterilization. It is a nickel-titanium alloy coil placed through the uterus into the Fallopian tube and causes scaring that the blocks the tubes. The upside is that it is a relatively short office procedure when performed by a skilled practitioner that does not require surgery to enter the … Continue reading

OB/GYNs agree “fully formed fetus” in that Planned Parenthood video not from an abortion – here’s why

This weekend I posted about my hypothesis that the 3rd Planned Parenthood video deceptively shot and edited by the Center for Medical Progress did not contain video of a “fully formed fetus” (Carly Fiorina’s words), I believe it is a premature delivery. I reached that conclusion from 25 years of clinical practice in OB/GYN. I … Continue reading

Vulva/Vagina Venn Diagram

  I’m sick of people forgetting the poor vulva and referring to everything in the female lower reproductive tract as vagina. To help people sort it out I have created this Venn diagram. There are many reason to know the difference. Knowing your own personal anatomy is empowering. If you have a partner you want … Continue reading

Carly Fiorina lied about the Planned Parenthood video – an OB/GYN calls her out

Carly Fiorina said this about Planned Parenthood on Wednesday, September 16th during the 2nd GOP debate: Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says, “We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.” Either she didn’t watch the video and is claiming she did, she … Continue reading

Baltimore Sun publishes hack job letter on HPV vaccine. I dismantle it claim by claim.

The Baltimore Sun just published a letter on the HPV vaccine that one would generously describe as being full of twisted half-truths and setting a new low bar for submissions. The piece, written by William Reichel and Emily Tarsell and entitled The HPV vaccine is neither safe nor effective, is apparently a response to a … Continue reading

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