Dr. Jen Gunter

Guys don’t tape your penis shut instead of using a condom

I admit the penis is not my professional wheelhouse but after someone sent me the horror that is Jiftip the Diktip I could not resist. After all Alex Jones has proven that men are equally vulnerable to snake oil and I do not want any guys trying this or any female partners getting pregnant because of it (it seems aimed at that demographic).

The product, Jiftip, is an adhesive plaster for the penis. Like a penis Post-It Note (sorry 3M).

I believe this image says it all.

First of all there are no studies. Yes, I looked. As far as medical products go “beta-testing” appears to be snake oil Parseltongue for send-us-your-cash-we-have-done-absofuckinlutely-no work-on-this-what-so-ever-but-it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-3 a.m. Ethical researchers do not release “beta” products they complete Phase 1 studies and then recruit for Phase 2 studies.

Does this product prevent pregnancy? Who knows. It is untested. In fact, they actually admit that studies are “years away.” Nice.  In fact, they want you to be their guinea pigs!

Could this be damaging? I am not appropriately confident medically speaking regarding the penis so I asked Dr. Rajiv Singal who is a urologist. Dr. Singal said,

“Yikes. Seems like a bad idea. During ejaculation there is a contraction of the bulbocavernosal muscle and closure of the bladder neck. That is what propels semen forward. There would be no pressure transmitted to the bladder because it is closed. There would be pressure changes within the urethra, however whether that degree of barotrauma would lead to urethral injury and stricture formation I am not sure. Hard to quantify that risk but higher than not blocking the urethra I suspect!”

Could it be a plausible hypothesis? Possibly, but after seeing their distinctive anti-condom message I am less inclined to be charitable and more inclined to think some dudes were playing around with a Tegaderm. Saying condoms suck is a very, very bad message when you are not offering a safe alternative.

Even though most guys will (hopefully) not buy this untested product of unknown safety visitors to Jiftip are still getting a not so subliminal message that condoms are like taking a bath in socks. This is harmful and quite frankly irresponsible. Condoms save lives, protect the reproductive tract from damaging infections, and prevent pregnancies. Jiftip has not proven it can do any of these.

I may just be a rural OB/GYN but I am pretty sure the words ejaculation, penis, and barotrauma are not reassuring when used together. A brand new type of prophylactic needs testing to make sure it doesn’t damage the urethra, that it actually prevents pregnancy, and that it can protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Jiftip is a product of unknown efficacy and risk and comes with a decidedly anti-health message. It is irresponsible to promote something like this and especially in this way.

Give Jiftip a hard pass.