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Livia isn’t a new off switch for period pain, it’s an expensive TENS unit

Screen shot 2016-05-24 at 1.12.03 PMI’ve been asked so many times about Livia in the past month that I figured it’s time for me to just post on it.

The makers of the device claim it is an “off switch for period pain” and that it is a “new device.”

It’s neither.

What Livia appears to be is a TENS unit, which is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device. This is not new technology and it isn’t new for period pain. I have been prescribing them for well over 10 years. I probably prescribe 1-2 a week, sometimes more.

TENS is in fact so well entrenched for period pain that there is even a Cochrane review that supports its use (with high frequency settings).  The review was first written in 2002, so yeah, like I said not exactly new.

There is nothing listed in the site for Livia nor anything the CEO has said that suggests the device is anything but a TENS. In fact, he even uses the term “gate theory,” which is of course one possible mechanism of action of a TENS.

What’s the gate theory? Think of the connections in your brain as gates, with both vibration and pain each having one. The first gate that closes, or feels the input, stops the other gate from closing. Basically, the fastest signal wins out and shuts the other gate to the pain. Vibration travels faster than pain, so it gets to the gates first. That’s a very simplified explanation of course, but it’s why you rub something when you hurt it – the vibration from the rubbing reduces the pain. TENS units may also work by stimulating endorphins. We don’t really know. So it is rather a bold and definitive statement to say that Livia (i.e. a TENS) unit in an off switch. It’s more like kind of sort of maybe and other things.

As TENS technology for period pain has been around for a long time it seems rather disingenuous to call it “new.” And then there is the $85 cost – you can get a decent one on Amazon for $30.

So absolutely talk with your doctor and/or a physical therapist about a TENS for painful periods. They can really be helpful, but until Livia can prove head to head it is better than a TENS or release some kind of data to there is a biologically meaningful difference between their device and a TENS, it is just an expensive, albeit pretty, TENS unit.





6 thoughts on “Livia isn’t a new off switch for period pain, it’s an expensive TENS unit

  1. Totally agree!

    Posted by Leslie Schover | May 26, 2016, 9:31 pm
  2. It was very cool seeing you in the video, but I wish they would have mentioned what you said, that the technology has been around for years!

    Posted by thescarlettside | May 30, 2016, 10:24 am
  3. It may not be new, but it is more convenient than the larger TENS units and for the layperson is easier than setting up your own parameters. It does work. It’s small and has a rechargeable battery. I used something similar with a coin battery, and it worked well for me and several patients. I don’t think the current $97 ($85 & $12 shipping) on Indiegogo is terribly expensive. 🙂

    Posted by T. Collins, PT, DPT | December 29, 2016, 8:12 am
  4. I also thought “TENS”, the moment I saw the video first time. And yes; there are many cheaper TENS-options. But although this message perhaps somewhat drowns in the relatively short video, I recognize the product for a various of reasons:
    -Design; which is very cool, casual yet discrete. A device by which many women would not feel pathologized as with a regular TENS-device.
    -Its easily rechargeable battery through USB devices that are already available in most households; e.g. PC’s, smartphone-chargers.
    -Its large and seemingly relatively firm electrodes for the replaceable gel-pads, which seems easily applicable and easy to clean. The rugged edge making effective and hygienic cleaning more difficult than necessary though.
    -Its ready-to-use-concept with a very easy interface. You do not have to study length of bursts, frequencies and Hertz, tu use the device. On the other hand; and for the very same reason, this device is of course less useful with other pain-conditions in contrary to a regular TENS-device.

    I understand why my daughter likes this device and why she would prefer Livia over my own “clinic-like TENS-device” with many buttons, flashing LED’s and several settings irrelevant for her specific problem.

    Posted by Frank Vangsgaard | January 24, 2017, 8:59 am
  5. Thank you very much Dr. JEN. I just saw a video on YouTube about this thing and immediately posted that people were paying too much because all it is, is a glorified Tens unit. And, stated that you can buy one at Walmart for $32.00 dollars. I read their claims and they said their machine was set to period pain frequency which is nothing but b.s. p.r. so people will buy the Livia unit instead of just purchasing a cheap Tens machine. I soncerly hope people research before they buy these things.

    Posted by Kimberly | March 19, 2017, 4:05 pm

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