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RadiumOne fired CEO for domestic violence

Yesterday I posted on the case of RadiumOne’s CEO and how despite video evidence of him beating his girlfriend he received probation. I missed that after the case was settled he was fired. Thanks to the reader who pointed that out!

Even if courts can’t get convictions it is nice to see a private company taking domestic violence seriously!


3 thoughts on “RadiumOne fired CEO for domestic violence

  1. Dr. Gunter: How incredibly valuable you are to the world. Seriously, you’re one in millions!!! Thank you.

    I have only this to add to the entire ugliness of ‘domestic violence’.

    If we don’t stop the bullying and hitting ‘’in the home’’ and ‘in the schools’ – it will go on.

    The fact that ‘far too many boys and men’ feel that they have the right to hit women, children and animals….is EXACTLY the place where we have to

    begin to make drastic changes. And the changes come from attitudes that have been seared into our psyche’s for generations.

    The thing about ‘this time’ in our lives, which excites me the most….is that the powers that be laboured hard and long to give us the technology

    that can put a camera on the end of a pin…or an eyelash….and guess what? – powers that be? those great strides you’ve made?….

    they’re turning things around and biting you…. where it hurts the most…. What an amazing and positive result!!

    Posted by Production | September 14, 2014, 12:06 pm
  2. Yep business has a role to play in this too!

    Posted by Black In Biz Blog | September 14, 2014, 10:44 pm


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