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7 reasons Romney and Ryan are not pro-life

Romney and Ryan have confirmed their “pro-life” platform as have Akin, Mourdock et. al. (the list of GOP candidates who are over eager to be the “best most pro-life politician ever” is really too long). However, I am having a hard time accepting their “pro-life” commitment. I mean, if they were really “pro-life” wouldn’t they also be promoting these campaign promises?

  1. A national cord blood registry and collection bank. Cord blood is almost always discarded (a small percentage pay for private donation) and collecting it hurts no one. At all. However, cord blood has the potential to save thousands of people every year who need bone marrow transplants.
  2. Bone marrow donor registration. I have yet to hear any GOP candidate brag that they are a registered bone marrow donor (or blood donor for that matter). If it’s not a hardship for a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy for 9 months and go through the physical trauma of birth, then a cheek swab to collect cells and a short little procedure to collect marrow is a big nothing in comparison. (BTW, if I were in charge I’d make registering free, give a $20 tax credit to anyone who registers, and a $500 tax credit to anyone who end up donating).
  3. Mandatory organ donation. Yup, you’re dead, what do you care what happens to your heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, small bowel, and lungs? I know Dick Cheney cares! Hey, the former VP could even stump with the GOP on this one. And if your religion forbids it, well, Romney and Ryan don’t care what your religion says about life and death, just theirs. Hey, separation of church and state is a case by case thing!
  4. Ban cigarettes. Look, they kill everyone! Never mind the 65-year-old with lung cancer, tobacco is a major contributor to stillbirths, premature delivery (#1 cause of infant death) and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  5. Publicly funded long-acting reversible contraception. Hey boys, this one is so science based and such a no brainer it will be in my love letter 10-point plan for Bill Maher about reducing the national debt! Contraception implants, injections, and the IUD reduce abortions. Restrictive laws do nothing but drive up legal costs and the costs for women.
  6. Universal high quality maternal care. I’m on the prematurity band wagon again, but it is THE #1 KILLER OF CHILDREN, so it should be right up there on the pro-life agenda. There is an amazing program at Parkland Hospital that has dramatically reduced prematurity, it’s called accessible, high-quality, no cost prenatal care. Insist on this kind of legislation, not mandatory ultrasounds.
  7. Universal health care. I know Mitt Romney doesn’t think that people without health insurance die, but they do. I’ve seen it. For a person to die for want of a simple screening test is deplorable.

So until I hear Romney, Ryan, and the rest of their kind talking about this kind of life saving legislation, I’ll take them for what they are. Power-hungry misogynists stomping on reproductive rights to drum up funds and shore up their base.

It’s not pro-life, it is pro-lie.


5 thoughts on “7 reasons Romney and Ryan are not pro-life

  1. I’m afraid I must gripe about #4. Yes, cigarettes are killers but one look at the drug war should be enough to show the folly of trying to ban them. We should try to get rid of them, just not in a way that will backfire that badly.

    How about we ban all cigarette advertizing and sell them only by the carton? Perhaps get rid of the packs entirely.

    I also find #3 a bit heavy-handed. What I think we should do is change the system to opt-out rather than opt-in. If you don’t want to donate organs you have to apply for and get a card that says so and it’s made a nuisance to do. Your physician can also do this if you have a problem that renders you unsuitable for donation. (It’s not a nuisance for the doctors although they have to provide the diagnosis that’s the reason.)

    Posted by Loren | October 26, 2012, 1:11 pm
  2. I’m with you, Jen.
    How about easy access to contraceptives for everyone.
    Oh…One more to add: easily obtainable nutrition services for all poor families, including breakfast and lunch programs at schools in low-income areas.
    I’d also like to see more health services at public schools, but I guess I’d be called a socialist.
    If you are truly pro-life, you must be pro-life in all arenas, and not just forced-birth ‘pro-life.’

    Posted by Noel | October 26, 2012, 1:25 pm
  3. Your analysis is once again right on. The Obama Administration should, in its second term, put on some of its health advisory committees.

    Posted by G Huba | October 27, 2012, 7:37 am
  4. Contraception available FREE for everyone, men and women in reproductive age (including sterilization).
    People should be able to make their own choices once they become adults without too much questioning.
    Now.. I recall, that about 20 years ago, I wanted to undergo sterilization, which is not performed on women under 30 who have not had children. I couldn’t do it. I was told because I was too young and I could change my mind.
    20 years later …..I never changed my mind by the way, and to date, and still have issues with birth control choices available to us. It is really bothersome to hear politicians, males, speaking and making decisions for us.

    I remember a friend of mine went through the whole tube ligation process to decades ago (after having 2 children, 1 abortion and at 35 years of age) who was third degree by the medical staff questioning her decision. things have not changed much I hear.
    We still have cases in this country where women are refused EBC (emergency birth control) because some moron feels he has the right to dictated over another person decision. These kind of behavior should have zero tolerance of course. They are after all an infringement to women rights. Yet, the news barely even make to networks and newspapers and the villains go unpunished.
    It sadden me that so many women agree with these laws as well.

    Realistically speaking, most families approach the issue of birth control lightly or not at all. because every parent feels their kids will make the “right” choice or banks on hopes. I did not because my kid was very promiscuous, (an adopted child if you wondered after my previous statement) so I had to really practice preventive care.
    The other reality is younger kids are going to have sex no matter what. At that point, why just not completely focus on prevention 100% assuming everyone is going to have sex?
    This was the approach for STD/AIDS awareness campaign a while ago, which aimed to increase the use of condoms. Despite the fact that condom reliability as BC is lower than the pill, the disease prevention capability of a condom takes a front seat.

    Also why are we always talking about the younger having sex? How about the large number of women over the age of 17? Again, this is because It has really nothing to do with age but with wanting to keep women body and behavior under control. We are still in the middle ages but without that visual constrain of a chastity belt.
    Lower income women of a less educated class will end up being the most effected.

    Also years of research have focused more on women being the primary source of responsibility for birth control. Sterilization is still more common among women vs vasectomy among men. Men research and finding seems to focus full speed on increasing sexual performance and sperm count.

    It is a men’s world after all, and it is good to be the king.

    Unfortunately birth control science seems still so backwards to me. Very little progress has been made since the first pill. Of course I am glad that we have something available, better than a lemon in the vagina, (or better than none) However, overall women have still very few SAFE choices. Yes I know, there are a lot of birth control pills available, but is like having one model of shoes at different colors. Substantially, most effective birth control involve hormone “management”. Few don’t. One or two are safe and natural but not advertised or marketed enough. Thus most women end up their reproductive career generally staying uneducated on their body and reproductive system.

    Posted by artermix | November 2, 2012, 12:23 pm
  5. One of your progressive heroes Al gore that gave us the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 which bans the sales of organs and tissues for transplant. Your argumentum e silentio is unpersuasive to say the least. What I find alarming about this post is that so many of your ‘solutions’ have at their core a statist impulse. You seem unwilling address issues in manner that doesn’t involve coercing people at gunpoint.

    Posted by Hayek's Gohst | November 5, 2012, 3:55 am

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