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Dora stars as Katniss in Target’s version of the Hunger Games

Walking through Target on the weekend this Hunger Games display caught my eye. If I knew only a little about Dora (sadly, that is not true, “Backpack, backpack” in that poke-a-needle-thorugh-my-eye-sing-song voice is forever burned into my temporal lobe) and only had a cursory knowledge of the Hunger Games, I might think a Hunger Games movie was on the way with Dora as Katniss, Cookie Monster as Gayle, Elmo as Peeta, and introducing Piglet as Prim.

That, or some schmuck got the display wrong.

And thus this image embodies one of the reasons I don’t allow advertising on my blog.

There are two ways to advertise on a blog, ads that are completely out of your control (for example, ads that come via WordPress or Google) and ads that are somewhat in your control (meaning the blogger contracts with a company to run an ad or series of ads).

The first type of advertising, unknown ads from an unknown source, can be completely inappropriate for the content of the post. This can happen purely by chance (like Dora’s Hunger Games) or it could be on purpose (advertisers target key words, which is why you can sometimes see religious ads on web sites run by atheists). Without control, an advertisement for a product or service that I would never, ever recommend, such as a douche, a tanning bed, or a pregnancy “crisis” center, could end up on a post and I don’t want bad content befouling my site.

I also don’t allow ads because I want to be as bias free as possible (but that’s for a different post, I don’t take money from Pharma in my day job and I certainly don’t take it on my blog either). I’m striving to be as evidence based and free of external bias as possible.

That being said, I could also be completely wrong about this photo and it is entirely possible that a preschool version of the Hunger Games in the works. In that case, my money’s on Dora.


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