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Does vitamin E help breast pain?

It was breast pain (mastalgia) that led me to find the irregular area in my breast on Friday. I gave up caffeine for less than 24 hours – no evidence to support its effectiveness in reducing cysts and one small study suggests it can improve pain, although other studies say no. I went with the … Continue reading

Why I stopped my calcium after 1 day (or how the Institute of Medicine sold me down the river)

I just blogged about how I started calcium. You know, prompted by my mom’s terrible hip fracture (okay, there is probably no good hip fracture, but hers was particularly nasty). I will confess that I have never been on the vitamin band wagon. I managed to choke down prenatal vitamins for 22 weeks, but then … Continue reading

Why I finally started taking a calcium supplement

My mom had hip surgery and suffice it to say things have not gone quite as expected. She has pretty bad osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. She had one hip done 10 years ago when she was 69 and the other one on December 23rd. Eight days after the surgery her femur shattered. Yeah, it’s not a … Continue reading

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