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Does digital mammography really save lives or it is pink Kool-Aid?

There has been a lot back and forth over the mammography study in the BMJ. Excellent or flawed? The beginning of the end of screening mammography or an article to be discarded? Miller et. al.’s study has further opened (perhaps blew the lid off?) the can of worms surrounding screening mammography and the pro-mammography contingent (mostly radiologists and … Continue reading

Thoughts on giving up Diet Coke. Again.

My name is Dr. Jennifer Gunter and I am a Diet Coke addict. I had my last drink on Sunday, June 17th, around 6 pm. The photo is the Diet Coke that I drank that day. The last addition to the graveyard of my addiction. Now many of you might think my use of addiction in describing … Continue reading

My name is Dr. Jen Gunter and I have kidney disease

Today is world kidney day. We hear a lot of about cancer and heart disease in the press, but kidney disease doesn’t seem to trigger much thought, unless it is an article about transplantation (especially when it involves the kindness of a virtual stranger giving up a kidney so that another person can lead a … Continue reading

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  • @SangyeH before you talk about how bad something is don't you think you should know that? The science says it is safe. I've read the papers. 8 hours ago
  • @SangyeH there is no science whatsoever behind banning HPV vaccines. At all. 8 hours ago
  • @SangyeH so why would Gardasil be dangerous and Cervivrax be ok for these countries? What is the ingredient in Gardasil that concerns you? 8 hours ago

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