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Are you at risk for condom breakage?

Condom breakage is far more common than people think. In several studies of college aged men 29-32% report at least one episode of condom breakage within the past three months. For men who reported condom breakage, this happened 15-27% of the time. Basically condoms are failing for a lot of guys (and their partners) way … Continue reading

The top 10 mistakes men make with condoms

Studies of condom use offer great insight into why we continue to have a high rate of unplanned pregnancies in this country as well as continued problems with sexually transmitted diseases. In “perfect use” situations the failure rate of condoms is about 3%, however, perfect use is sadly not the norm. With that in mind, … Continue reading

Gynecology survival guide for the zombie apocalypse

You never know when the zombie apocalypse might be upon us. The CDC┬áhas excellent information on general survival skills, but they neglected to include crucial GYNO information. Sure, clean drinking water and 3 days of food is important and all, but let’s face it, you don’t want the natural disaster to spread to your reproductive … Continue reading

Syphilis 101

April 23rd is the feast of St. George’s. A day to celebrate the man who was slayer of dragons, patron saint of England, and of course the patron saint of those who suffer from syphilis. That’s a nice fit as April is also STD awareness month. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can … Continue reading

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