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Bode Miller’s wife accuses his ex of self-inseminating with a used condom

I awoke this morning to several direct messages asking if this was possible. The story is that Morgan Beck, (who I now know is Bode Miller’s wife), accused his ex, Sara McKenna, of  fishing a used condom out of the trash and inseminating herself. In Beck’s words: “Girls do crazy things for money . . . including taking … Continue reading

The Glucola isn’t toxic but the FoodBabe’s advice is

Up until now I’ve merely glanced at the FoodBabe’s unscientific mumbo jumbo and chemically implausible claims about a variety of “toxins” in foods, but now I hear she has her sights sets on the Glucola. For those of your who don’t know the Glucola is the common name used for the sugary drink that doctors … Continue reading

Why did Wendy Davis call her ectopic pregnancy an abortion? An OB/GYN investigates

Wendy Davis, gubernatorial candidate for Texas, has a new memoir Forgetting to Be Afraid slated for release this week. In it she describes terminating two pregnancies. One termination appears to have been in the second trimester for fetal indications and the other she describes as an ectopic pregnancy. She writes, “The only medical option was to have surgery … Continue reading

More VBACs will take communication, compromise, better training, and tort reform

The NY Times has reported on a woman who wanted to deliver vaginally and claims she was forced to have a repeat c-section (her third c-section) against her will. I can’t comment on the veracity of her claims, however a forced c-section is never, ever acceptable. It doesn’t mater if the fetus has an agonal rhythm … Continue reading

Celebrity birth plans and being mom enough for a “natural” delivery

Reports that Mila Kunis, the actress, plans on a “natural” delivery are all over the Internet. As a celebrity  she is clearly a medical expert and somehow it is relevant to hear how an actress with no financial concerns, doesn’t need to work on her feet until she goes into labor, has a BMI of … Continue reading

Rocking delivery dogma: induction of labor doesn’t increase c-section rate

There is a widely held belief that induction of labor increases the risk of c-section.  This is something that has been widely promoted by many OB/GYNs, nurses, midwives, doulas, and patients alike. I can not tell you how many times I have heard, “Don’t let them induce you.” I think that so many health care … Continue reading

Why is no one complaining about the incest in Noah?

Like many people I saw Noah this weekend. It offered a middle ground somewhere between The Grand Budapest Hotel and Divergent and it seemed appropriate given the pouring rain. The New York Times called Noah the “modernist rendering of the biblical flood.” Reviews are mixed (I love reading reviews and my personal favorite is “equal … Continue reading

A water birth isn’t natural it’s an intervention

The joint statement on laboring in water and delivering in water (the latter also known as immersion births) from the American Academy Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is making the rounds. I’ve linked to the full statement above, but in essence it says that some women find laboring in water … Continue reading

Using pot in pregnancy linked to stillbirth, new study

Legality and safety (from a health perspective) are two different things. Cigarettes, alcohol, and opioids while all legal have health consequences. Some more concerning than others. This is especially true in pregnancy. Chemicals (whether they are naturally occurring or not) may have effects on blood flow to the uterus or at a microscopic level in the … Continue reading

Antidepressants and postpartum hemorrhage. New data, but questions remain.

Postpartum hemorrhage (blood loss > 500 ml after a vaginal delivery and > 1,000 ml after a c-section) complicates 2.9% of deliveries in the United States. It is a leading cause of both maternal complications, such a blood transfusions and hysterectomy, and maternal death. The rate of postpartum hemorrhage has been slowly increasing, so anything … Continue reading

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