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Stop worrying about catching Ebola on a plane

Ebola paranoia reached new heights this week. Two health care workers infected is a very scary thing, but this should be mostly frightening for health care workers as caregivers are the people most at risk of catching Ebola. The CDC has issued conflicting statements, which doesn’t help. When people are worried then need a strong lead. … Continue reading

Stopping Ebola in the U.S. starts with transferring the two patients from Dallas to Emory

The stunningly horrible news from this morning: another health care worker at Dallas Presbyterian has contracted Ebola. Health care workers are at extremely high risk for contracting Ebola as patients produce an enormous amount of infected body fluids. I read one report that says 10 liters of liquid stool a day. And then there’s the … Continue reading

The Glucola isn’t toxic but the FoodBabe’s advice is

Up until now I’ve merely glanced at the FoodBabe’s unscientific mumbo jumbo and chemically implausible claims about a variety of “toxins” in foods, but now I hear she has her sights sets on the Glucola. For those of your who don’t know the Glucola is the common name used for the sugary drink that doctors … Continue reading

Thank you for getting your flu shot

This weekend the kids and I had our influenza immunizations. There is always a difficult lead up as Oliver has severe anxiety around every medical procedure. An EKG (painless heart rhythm test) and a throat swab cause extreme fear and often tears and anything with a needle, well, let’s just say that’s on a whole … Continue reading

If a GYNO wrote a Viagra ad

Pfizer, the makers of Viagra, debuted a new ad to target women. The idea is to get women to encourage their partners with erectile dysfunction to bring the subject up with their doctors, thus generating more Viagra prescriptions. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be an emotionally challenging problem for both men and their partners and it’s … Continue reading

9 ways personhood amendments are harmful

Personhood amendments are on the ballot again, this time in Colorado (again, hoping 3rd time isn’t a charm as voters rejected personhood amendments in 2008 and 2010), North Dakota, and Tennessee. For those unfamiliar with exactly what a personhood amendment entails, it is a ballot measure that if passed would change the state constitution to … Continue reading

Rick Perry’s statement on Joan Rivers shows he has no clue about abortion safety

According to Rick Perry if only Joan Rivers had her out-patient procedure at an accredited ambulatory surgical care facility she’d be alive. This piece of poorly researched and decidedly in poor taste drivel was a way of defending/bragging about the Texas TRAP law (bill signed into law by Perry requiring that all abortions be performed in accredited surgical … Continue reading

It’s not just the NFL that has a domestic violence problem, we all do

If I were punched by an unknown man in an elevator there would be little doubt that my assailant would be prosecuted. If the trauma were enough to cause me to lose consciousness, meaning I suffered brain trauma, my attacker would likely be charged with aggravated assault. No one would be surprised if he received … Continue reading

RadiumOne fired CEO for domestic violence

Yesterday I posted on the case of RadiumOne’s CEO and how despite video evidence of him beating his girlfriend he received probation. I missed that after the case was settled he was fired. Thanks to the reader who pointed that out! Even if courts can’t get convictions it is nice to see a private company … Continue reading

Would you invest in a company whose CEO hit his girlfriend 117 times and received probation?

There has been much discussion about the Ray Rice case. From his diversion in the courts to his two-game suspension from the NFL. It wasn’t until graphic video evidence was available that his team, the Ravens, was shamed into action and let him go. I say shamed into action, because what exactly did they think … Continue reading

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