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Dr. Oz is a TV version of Woman’s World magazine

I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store (which was especially long as it’s Thanksgiving week and the store was packed) when my eye wandered over to the magazine rack and I caught a glimpse of Woman’s World. You know the magazine with the tabloid look  (weird-coated-not-quite-newsprint feel to the paper, bright … Continue reading

A vagina should smell like a vagina not a peach

Two men want to change the way we smell and by we I mean women and by smell I mean specifically our vaginas. They apparently also want to change the way dog feces smells, but I’m only going to talk about vaginas because that is my area of expertise. Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome, founders … Continue reading

Bode Miller’s wife accuses his ex of self-inseminating with a used condom

I awoke this morning to several direct messages asking if this was possible. The story is that Morgan Beck, (who I now know is Bode Miller’s wife), accused his ex, Sara McKenna, of  fishing a used condom out of the trash and inseminating herself. In Beck’s words: “Girls do crazy things for money . . . including taking … Continue reading

Claims of poisoning in India sterilization deaths seem unlikely

Thirteen women have now died as a result of surgery performed at a sterilization camp in India. As a surgeon who has performed many tubal ligations I can tell you the descriptions I read of how the procedures were performed seemed more like a medieval torture than surgery. I felt ill. Dirty (not even clean, … Continue reading

Why your baby is really hard for me

I don’t like babies. I don’t like looking at them eat, sleep, crawl or at anything they do. I realized several years ago that babies annoyed me, but I just didn’t know why (after all, I have two former babies). And then my sons and I were at their swimming class. They must have been … Continue reading

Mansplaining #shirtgate to women is meta misogyny

A man wore a shirt with women in bondage to work. Not just to work, but to an event that would be broadcast everywhere in the world because the event involved landing a rocket on a comet. A very, very cool thing that had never been done before. Two women in STEM commented that the … Continue reading

A letter to Dr. Oz for his In Box

Dear Dr. Oz, I know the #OzsInBox question on twitter didn’t exactly go the way you or your social media team expected. You told Sen. McCaskill when she asked you about the so-called miracles and medically baseless products that you promote on your show that you view yourself as a cheerleader, but consider #OzsInBox a … Continue reading

Sterilization camp in India kills 11 women – a government funded slaughterhouse

The reports from India read more like the review of a horror movie rather than a detailing of a government funded surgical program – 83 women receiving a surgical sterilization leaving 11 dead and another 50 hospitalized, 20 of whom (as of this posting) are seriously ill. And all of this happened in six hours with one surgeon at a government … Continue reading

Why women voting matters today more than ever

Because until things change these five men are your court appointed gynecologists

George Will mansplains women’s GYN rights – I invite him to do that in person

Thank you Mr. Will for mansplaining that the war on women is a fictitious democratic construct. In fact, to speak of things like failure to respond to the epidemic of campus rape, the need to have access to all forms of birth control through health insurance, or to have an abortion in your own county … Continue reading

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